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Diving Tank Air Regurator
Diving Tank with Air Regulator
Scuba Tank for filling high pressure air to PCP Air Rifles.
Muzle Break Silencers
Muzzle Break Silencers
Our Muzzle Brake is precision-turned from the finest aircraft-grade aluminum
PCP Regulator
PCP Regulator
PCP Regulator that you must attached to transfer high pressure air from scuba tank to the PCP Air Rifles

Rajawali Marauder

Spesifikasi :

Magazine isi 14 peluru
Adaptor Single Shot disertakan untuk penggunaan pengisian peluru tunggal
Meter PSI (Manometer) Analog
Berat 3.500 gram
Panjang keseluruhan 105 cm
Panjang laras 60 cm


Marauder Predator

Spesifikasi :

Berat keseluruhan 3,8 kg ( 3800 gram)
Panjang keseluruhan dengan popor extended (popor belakang dipanjangkan) 100 cm
Panjang keseluruhan (tanpa popor dipanjangkan) 84 cm
Panjang laras (barrel length) 55 cm
Panjang tabung 29 cm
Diameter tabung 6 cm
Isi tabung 500 ml untuk 80 shots


De Pyra Shadow Chaser

De Pyra Shadow Chaser L E Air Rifle
This Accuracy Special Rifle  We Suggested For Competition.

With compliment we presented these De Pyra Shadow Chaser L E Air Rifle  (De Pyra Shadow Chaser Limited Edition Air Rifle , pictured above ) was a prototype and will be produced and launching soon on last February 2013, so please  get in touch, we are very appreciate for your call because this  accuracy special rifle that we suggested especially for competition can be your own rifles  depend on your request.


Welcome to De Pyra Air Rifles

De Pyra Air Rifles is a Indonesia brand of air rifles known for their accuracy and we are here for online sales, especially for buyers from Indonesia, if you want to be a dealer in your area please contact us.

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